SDA Medical Co., Ltd is proud to be the exclusive distributor of some of the most innovative manufacturers, with expertise in gynecology, surgery, wound care, histopathology, cytopathology, clinical pathology and forensic/anatomy.


HistoPot from Serosep Ltd, Ireland 

HistoPot is a complete range

of pre filled  vials containing 

10% neutral buffered formalin,

offering histology laboratories

the solution to achieve

international standardised procedures

in terms of tissues' fixation.



Liqui-PREP from LGM International Inc, USA


Liqui-PREP is a Liquid-Based Cytology reagent, manufactured in Florida, USA, used mainly for cervical cancer screening or Pap smear. 

Published medical data showed greater detection rate at early stages, thus increasing

the chances of survival thanks to minimal invasive treatments.

Liqui-PREP can also be used for non gynecology specimens, such as urine, FNA, body fluids, etc

isofroid 1.png

EIHF Isofroid from France

EIHF Isofroid has grown into 

one of the world’s leading suppliers of embalming,

stainless steel items, like autopsy tables, trolleys

and refrigerated cabinets


 EIHF Isofroid is also capable 

of providing complete tailor-made solutions 

for cold rooms to preserve cadavers.


Medezine from United Kingdom


With over 30 years experience, Medezine design innovative

autopsy saws used extensively throughout the world.


DIAPATH from Italy

DIAPATH is a manufacturer of both consumables and equipments used in the histopathology laboratory. Some of the main products are stains, fixatives, paraffin, slides, modular archive, embedding station, auto stainer and grossing station.